• Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial flavours and colours
  • Free from wheat


Ford Hill Pointer Peanut Butter Flavoured Paws.


WHEAT FREE – These tasty dog biscuits are baked completely free of wheat, so they can be enjoyed by all furry friends requiring a wheat-free diet, as well as those who don’t!
NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS & COLOURS – These peanut butter flavoured, paw shaped biscuits are free from artificial flavours and colours, making them as healthy as they are delicious. Only natural peanut butter flavourings used.
OVEN BAKED TO PERFECTION – Oven baked perfectly for your four legged friends, these natural dog treats are the perfect snack or a helping hand when training your dog.
MADE IN BRITAIN – High quality baked dog treats made in the heart of Lincolnshire.
ENRICHED WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS – These peanut butter tasting dog chews are full of vitamins and include added calcium to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and strong.


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